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"There is no faith which was never yet been broken, except that of a truly faithful dog"/Konrad Lorenz/

News 2016


Dodane zostały wyniki z wystaw, w których brały udział nasze Samoyedy. ZOBACZ




New photos of 5-week-old puppies. "I" LITTER

22.10.2016 were born puppies from the association: Cabaka's GAMBLER OF YACKER and SNOW AKSJA Powiew Polnocy. We have 1 dog and 5 females. "I" LITTER

Recent photos of puppies "Z" LITTER


For sale is a Samoyed with our kennel FENIKS OF FADO Powiew Polnocy. DETAILS


Added were the results and photos from the exhibitions, in which participated Samoyeds. SEE


I born 4 puppies Samoyeds: 3 males and 1 female, it is the litter "Z". SEE

Added were the results of the exhibitions, in which they participated Samoyeds with our kennel. SEE

Behind the Rainbow Bridge gone our Siberian Husky NORBI Srebro Polnocy "Bisiek".

Photos of 4-week-old puppies from the "P" LITTER
Results from the show in Bielsko-Biala (Poland). SEE



June 13, 2016 at the world's future puppies from mating: Cabaka's GAMBLER OF YACKER and SNOW ARDENY Powiew Północy. We have 2 males and 2 females. SEE LITTER "P"

Added were the results of the exhibitions, in which they participated Samoyeds with our kennel. SEE

From the litter "G" we have beautiful exhibition bitch for sale at the breeding and exhibition. SEE LITTER "G"
Added were the results of the April shows our Samoyed
s. SEE



Results from the International Dog Show in Katowice. SEE


With litter "N" We still have a beautiful exhibition bitch. More "N" LITTER
Have been added to show results Samoyeds from our kennel. SEE


In the ranking of the Exhibition 2015 years won the title of I Best Kennel Samoyed in Poland
After the exhibition was running 14 dogs of all ages with the nickname "Breath of the North". Thank you to the owners and we wish you every success exhibition in 2016. BRAVO BABIES !!!

Added were the results of the January exhibitions Samoyed from our kennel. SEE







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